10 Facts about Me

For my first post, I have decided to do ’10 Facts about me’. Hopefully this will allow you to get to know me better! 🙂

  1. Nickname: I don’t really have a nickname, I just respond to anything that sounds similar to my actual name.
  2. Eye Colour: Blue!
  3. Hair Colour: When I was younger, I had really blonde hair! But as I got older, it got darker. So now I regularly dye it a medium brown colour.
  4. Random Fact: I have never broken a bone in my body *touches wood*
  5. Favourite Colour: I’ve never really been one of those people that obsessed over a certain colour. However, I do like Lilac.
  6. Favourite Place: Disneyland Paris! I’ve only been once, but it was so magical! Definitely want to go again in the future.
  7. Favourite Celebrity: I admire so many celebrities, but the answer most people would expect me to give is Jesy Nelson (from Little Mix).
  8. Favourite Animal: I wouldn’t say I have a favourite animal, but when I was little, I had a guinea pig. He was cute!
  9. Favourite Song: I listen to lots of songs, so this changes from time to time. Right now, I’d say Nothing Without You by Emma Blackery!
  10. Favourite Book: I don’t read very often, but during my English Literature GCSE, we read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Although my final grade wasn’t great, I enjoyed reading the book.

So there you go! I hope you have enjoyed getting to know me, feel free to post your answers in the comments below, I’d love to get to know you too!

See you soon! x


3 thoughts on “10 Facts about Me

  1. Loved getting to know the blogger behind the blog! I have naturally black hair and I’m doing inspector calls instead for GCSEs. My name is Najida and people either call me Nabiba or Nayida (all because a teacher mispronounced my name😂). And 2 of my friends call me Mum😂😂

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    1. I also read An Inspector Calls! Over the 2 year course we read: Romeo & Juliet, Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, and An Inspector Calls. Then we also had an anthology of 16 poems! But in the final paper we had to write about one play and one book, and we were presented with 2 poems out of the 16, and we had to compare them (This was with Edexcel) xx

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