Prom Dresses Under £60!

Prom dresses can be expensive. I remember looking for dresses and nearly crying when I saw the price tag. Especially since Prom is only one night, you shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on a dress that you’ll probably never wear again. As we get closer to Prom season, some of you may not have purchased your dress yet. So I have searched online and found some dresses that are not too expensive (in my opinion!) and would look amazing for Prom! *All prices correct at time of Publish*

  1. Bandeau Midi Sundress

Dress 10.pngI love this dress so much! I love the simplicity of it, as it is quite ‘plain’, you have the freedom to be bold with accessories and shoes. At only £15 I believe this dress is an absolute BARGAIN, and can definitely be worn casually after your big night!

2. Mono Midi Dress

Dress 6This dress is from the CURVE section of the ASOS website, and it is BEAUTIFUL!! It reminds me of the dress that Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella wore to the launch of her beauty range in 2014. Again, the simplicity of the colours means that colour can be brought in through the accessories, maybe a pink or even golds and silvers. This is slightly more expensive at £55, but would be appropriate for a wedding or a party afterwards.

3. Bardot Prom Dress

Dress 5This dress is so pretty! I absolutely love this green colour, and don’t even mention the neckline. OMG, the off-the-shoulder straps, and the cross over the bust! I wish I could just do a spontaneous purchase as again, it isn’t just a dress for Prom. In general, I think that short prom dresses are lovely. My dress was long, and in a room full of people, I started to get VERY warm! So short dresses could be the solution, and they look super cute!

4. Floral Maxi Dress

DRess 4LOOK AT THIS DRESS!! This is so freaking cool! Not many people wear patterned Prom dresses, but this is stunning! I love the pastel yellow with the brightness of the pink and green, and you will definitely stand out at Prom. The split let also allows you to show of a beautiful pair of shoes. This dress is available for £40.

5. Lace Skater DressDress 9This is another plus size dress, and it is so beautiful. I love lace, so this lace bodice is an absolute winner. This is also perfect if you are self-conscious because it has a good length sleeve. It also has a pleated skirt that I imagine would look amazing as you dance the night away! At £55 this dress could be worn to many events after Prom!

6. Cowl Front Maxi Dress DRess 2This dress has a beautiful cowl neck and a split thigh. It is quite simple, but I think it looks very elegant. It is currently available for £19.50, reduced from £28, so if you like it I would definitely get it whilst it is cheaper. I think that this is one of my favourite dresses that I found, I would have worn this for my own prom.

7. Floral Skater DressDress 3Ok, this is my favourite of all the dresses I found. This is super cute and I nearly died when I saw it! It is available for £44.99, which I don’t think is too bad considering how lovely it looks. I like that there is a slight contrast between the colours, the pastel tones are really pretty. I also think that the placement of the flowers has been thought out really well, I like how they act as a waistband and then cascade down the skirt.

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know what you thought of these dresses, and which one was your favourite. Let me know in the comments!

See you soon x


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