Exam Stress in Primary School! // BEDM Day 2

I was watching Good Morning Britain, and they have conducted a poll showing that over 60% of parents say that their children are losing sleep over SATs. SATs are tests taken by Primary school children in the UK, and they test their Maths and English skills. The tests are taken at the end of Year 2 (Aged 7-8), and at the end of Year 6 (Aged 10-11). Optional SATs tests can also be taken during Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6), however these results are not nationally recorded.

I think that it is horrible that these tests are damaging the mental health of people so young. Something needs to be done so that these children don’t feel under so much pressure. As far as I am aware, my SATs results (taken in 2011) have only ever determined which class group I was put in at Secondary school. But even then, groups are changed nearly every term to make sure that people are in the right class for their academic ability. A lot of pressure is put on these children for tests that only really show the quality of the schools teaching, and gives them a position on a league table!

Fortunately, my Primary school was very supportive and made the experience of SATs a lot less stressful. I remember my experience with SATs quite well (mainly because I started my period on the first day!), but I remember how the teachers would reward us during our spare time by allowing us to have extra break time, and encouraging us to spend some time outside. Our SATs ran from Monday until Thursday, so on Friday we had a ‘Funday’. We spent most of the morning outside, playing games like rounder’s and playing with the big ‘Jenga’ bricks. Then, in the afternoon we had a class disco, and we all brought in some snacks and drinks, and we danced to songs such as ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J and Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’. I truly believe that having this event made us feel more comfortable, and gave us the motivation to work hard. I mean, it must have worked because I came out of the other side with Level 5s.

However, the problem now is that many parents are unable to support their child. A lot of what is now taught in schools was not taught to the parents, so they cannot help with their child’s homework and revision in the way that they would like to. Last year, I had a conversation with my English teacher who had a daughter in Year 6, and she told me that some of the homework was even a struggle for her to figure out. A woman who had a degree in English, qualified as a teacher and taught for over 10 years, couldn’t complete the homework of a 10 year old!

Here are some links for useful websites:

If you know of anyone taking exams at the moment, whether it me SATs, GCSEs, A Levels, or anything else. Please be supportive and make sure that they are putting their mental health first, it is so important.

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5 thoughts on “Exam Stress in Primary School! // BEDM Day 2

  1. I agree! My little sister is in year 2 is stressed about her SATs! They told the class that they will stay in year 2 if they don’t pass which is so stupid! Who stresses a 7 year old child for a test? Their only young and should only be stressing about whether they want to colour their drawing with felt tips or colouring pencils. They just expect way to much from young childre.

    I might be 15 (I’m still young haha) but when I was in year 2, they never stressed us out. They just said do your homework to do well and that’s it.

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    1. Oh my god! That’s terrible, I hope that your sister is ok. Surely putting that much pressure on children for tests that don’t have much impact will only make them feel worse as they get older and approach exams such as GCSE, A Levels etc? Sending love and luck to your sister ❤

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  2. This is so true! My sister is doing her SATs next week and she’s the type of student who just doesn’t care how she does and sometimes I wish I was like that because SATs were honestly so stressful. I found myself not being able to answer the simplest questions and the help I received beforehand for my level 6 SATs wasn’t enough and it was just more and more work. I really hated it but I hope my sister does better x

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    1. I’m so sorry you had a bad experience. Exams can be very stressful, but I feel like SATs don’t really matter. Obviously, pupils should try their best, but as far as I am aware, the results of SATs don’t affect the individual. Best of luck to your sister for next week ❤


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