5 Things I Miss About High School // BEDM Day 4

I officially left High School on Monday 27th June 2016. I had finally completed all of my GCSEs and I never had to return again. That was until September, when I joined the onsite Sixth Form (but we’ll skip over that part 😛 ) Although you could say that I haven’t left, it isn’t the same. Here are FIVE things I miss about High School:

1. ‘The People’

Obviously, not everybody in my year group wanted to continue their studies with A Levels, and many of them got apprenticeships or went to do vocational courses at College. It’s so weird to go back to a place where you spent 5 years with a group of people, and for them to not be there. It’s bad to say, but I see them post on Facebook or Instagram, and I forget that they existed! Even the people that I didn’t particularly like or get on with, it just feels odd without them there.

2. The Workload

Although at the time it appeared to be a lot, the amount of work I did at GCSE is NOTHING in comparison to A Levels. Now, I’m not trying to put you off doing A Levels, but you need to understand what will be expected from you! Not only is the content of the actual courses a lot more, you are expected to complete lots of homework, AND do your own independent research/study of your chosen subjects.

3. The ‘Non-Lesson’ Lessons

I am not trying to offend anybody with what I am about to say, but I miss the lessons that nobody really wanted to do. In my case this was music and drama. Don’t get me wrong I loved these lessons, but hardly anybody took them seriously or wanted to take them as a GCSE etc. I miss the freedom of being able to dress up, or play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ on a broken keyboard. Despite this, we were still learning, and I really miss that.

4. Rewards

Especially in Years 7-9, you could get rewards for just underlining the date and title. But once you have left High School, you get treated like an adult. We do get rewarded, however, it is not as often or as special as when you were younger. In High School, we would be rewarded with trips to theme parks, and having good attendance put you into a raffle for an iPad. Whereas now, we take trips to Universities, and educational field trips. These trips are fun, but you are expected to attend, places are not given based upon behaviour/success etc.

5. Sports Day

My last Sports Day was in Year 10 (Year 11s had already left by the time it was held last year), and The Sixth Form do not get involved with it. Although I never competed in it, I miss watching other people in their races, and cheering on all of the people in my House. Sports day was the one day of the year where the WHOLE school would gather into a fairly small area, and be supportive of one another. We would take snacks onto the field and chill out with music playing from somebody’s speakers (they would have been reminded to bring them in about 10 times the night before!)

There you go, 5 things I miss about High School. If you asked me to write this this time last year, I’d have said that I wouldn’t miss anything considering I was basically going back. But reflecting on things now, I would do anything to do the whole experience again.

See you soon x


8 thoughts on “5 Things I Miss About High School // BEDM Day 4

  1. I also remember missing the opportunity to take subjects for fun, like music and art!

    Hopefully you’ll find that the new experiences in your post high school life are rewarding enough that you’ll someday find yourself thinking fondly on them, too!


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