Learning a Foreign Language // BEDM Day 9

New fact about me: I am an A Level French Student!

Since the age of about 7, I have been taught some sort of foreign language. This started when we learned Spanish in Year 2. I found it so fun to learn words that didn’t ‘exist’ in my daily life. (I was also a big fan of Dora the Explorer!) Then in Year 3 (Aged 7-8), we began to learn French. This means that I have been ‘learning’ French for nearly TEN YEARS! Am I fluent in French? No. Can I form a sentence in French? Just about.

You see, learning a language takes time. Yes, I have nearly 10 years of experience, but when you take into account how often I have lessons, and how much I use my second language in my free time, it kind of makes sense. Also, I didn’t really learn ‘proper’ French and how to conjugate verbs etc. until I reached Secondary school at the age of 11.

It hasn’t always been easy, or fun, but the experience of learning a new language (and learning about a different culture) is something that I believe everyone should have. Especially as the world evolves, and cultural diversity increases, I think that it is so important for people to be familiar with more than just one language.

I would like to say that I’m quite good at French, although I will admit I am definitely not the best. However with a good teacher/ method of learning, and lots of encouragement, ANYONE can learn a language. At the start of my GCSEs we had a new teacher, and I’ll be honest, she had a very good knowledge, but she couldn’t teach. She soon left, and we had a new teacher, who was AMAZING! My grades quickly started to improve, and my confidence also grew. My new teacher was so supportive through my GCSEs, and in the end I got an A.

Here are some websites and applications that I have found useful:

Recently I also purchased Mot A Mot, this is a fantastic book filled with phrases to improve my written and spoken work. A similar book is also available for Spanish, German and Italian.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this topics, please put them in the comments below; I’d love to know how you feel!

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