Let’s talk: Tattoos // BEDM Day 16

Not everybody likes tattoos, and there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not they should be visible in those you have ‘professional’ jobs. Personally, I’m not really that bothered by tattoos. Although I do have a specific style that I prefer, and I don’t like ALL tattoos (I mean, does anyone?)

I believe that as long as the person (and the artist)ย is happy with their tattoo(s), nobody else’s opinion should matter.

As I am only 17, I do not have any tattoos. However as I get closer to 18, I keep thinking more and more about them. For quite a while I have followed an artist on Instagram called Josie Sexton. Her style is like sketchy watercolours, and I absolutely LOVE them! She does a lot of Disney tattoos, which was what first led me to her page.

Her work is just amazing, and I hope that one day I will be tattooed by her!

I have a couple of ideas of what sort of tattoos I want. Something that I am definitely set on getting is a Lily. I want it in the watercolour style, similar to the one in the above photo, and I think that I want it on my ankle or lower leg. Another idea I have is a mermaid. Now I know that seems like a typical ‘girly’ tattoo to get but, the idea behind it is very close to my heart. Finally, I would like to get something written in French. Some of you may have read a previous post (click here to read), and learned that I am a French student. I love learning French, and would love to get a French related tattoo. I like the idea of <<Tu es belle>> but I’m not sure if that is too cringy!

Do you have or want any tattoos? Leave a comment, I’d love to talk about it! Also, please go and check out Josie’s Instagram, and let her know that I sent you!

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12 thoughts on “Let’s talk: Tattoos // BEDM Day 16

  1. I love certain tattoos, and think that everyone should be able to get whatever they want.

    I want a tattoo, but I prefer smaller black ones on ankles and wrists.

    Those tattoos you showed are INCREDIBLE!!!

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  2. I love tattoos and I don’t think they should be a problem when it comes to jobs; they are just part of who that person is. I love your ideas for tattoos you would like ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Her tattoo art is beautiful! I don’t think I’d get a watercolour style one myself but they are one of my favourites to see..I already have one small one on my wrist but I definitely want a couple more! Now off to scroll months back through her instagram. xx

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  4. I love that unicorn tattoo! Her style is amazing. I’m on the fence about getting a tattoo. There are so many awesome ideas, but I can’t think of a concept I need permanently adhered to my body. Hmm… I also don’t care if professional’s have tattoo’s since I consider them to be artwork and I don’t really think someone is less professional or intelligent etc. insert other stereotypes for liking art and wanting it permanently on their body.


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