Lilies and Feathers //BEDM Day 19

Today, 19th May 2017, is my one month ‘blogiversary’! I would like to use this post to express how grateful I am. Over the past month I have gained a few followers, and have loved interacting with you!

When I created Lilies and Feathers, I was bored, and wanted to try something new. I had already seen other blogs, and thought it would be fun to give it a go. The meaning behind ‘Lilies and Feathers’? Honestly, I don’t know! I have always loved Lilies, and they are my favourite flower. I like the symbolism of the white feather, that it represents the spirit of a loved one who has passed away. Other than that, I just thought it sounded cool!

What are my goals for Lilies and Feathers?

I’m not in this for fame, money or lots of followers. My blog is just my little hobby. However, I would really like to make some friends through this, interact with new people, and just have fun! So, if you ever want to have a chat, just send me a message on Twitter!

Thank you so much to anyone who has read, liked, commented on, or followed my blog. It honestly means so much that other people are taking an interest in my hobby.

Sign off


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