Things I ‘can’t live without’ // BEDM Day 20

People often ask questions like ‘What can’t you live without?’, ‘What would you take to a desert island?’ and ‘What would you save from a fire?’

Taking away friends, family, oxygen, basic food/water; Here are 5 things I ‘can’t live without’!

  1. Coloured Pens/Pencils & Paper – I love doodling, and drawing things. It helps me to calm down, and just makes me happy
  2. Music – I need to listen to some sort of music everyday, otherwise I think I’ll go mad!
  3. Blankets – Getting wrapped up in a blanket is one of my favourite things ever! I love being cosy!
  4. Nail Polish – My nails are painted most of the time. I am very proud of my nails, they grow very well, and I am able to just paint them at home. I have only ever had acrylics done once (for Prom), and I hated the feeling of them.
  5. Hair Curlers – I feel the most confident when I have curly hair. I think it looks nicer, and knowing that I have spent around 30 minutes doing my hair, just makes me feel a bit prouder about myself. I know that there are heatless options, but they don’t seem to give the same curl that I get from a curling wand.

    What 5 things can’t you live without, let me know!

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