Prom Outfit for Less than £60! // BEDM Day 22

I was looking online, and many clothing stores have ‘Prom’ collections. And a lot of these have a fairly cheap price tag. Recently I made a blog post where I showed you Prom Dresses Under £60!, but today, I am going to show you a whole Prom outfit that I have created for only £58!

*This post is NOT sponsored, all opinions are my own*

The DressProm Dress.pngI found this lovely dress from Boohoo. It is available in two colours, the blush pink shown in he above photo, and navy blue. Both colours have the gold waistband and straps. This dress is currently £30, which I think is amazing! Although you cannot tell the quality from the photo, I trust that Boohoo has great quality. Also, nobody would guess that such a beautiful dress could be so cheap! *You can buy this dress here*

The Shoes

Prom shoes.pngI chose to have flats with this outfit, as based upon experience, heels can be painful. I actually spent a lot of my prom night barefoot! These shoes are so cute and are in a lovely blush colour that compliments the dress (they are also available in black!) The embroidery is beautiful, and adds an extra bit of detail and sparkle. These shoes can also be worn again after prom, whereas heels may only be worn on special occasions. These shoes are £12, and can be purchased here!

Hair Accessories

hair pins.pngI chose these cute spiral hair pins that could be twisted into most hairstyles to add more detail to the look. The gold flowers fit in to the gold accents of the dress, and I just think they’re really cute! I believe they are sold in packs of 4, and cost £4, available here!

The Bag

clutch.pngFor the bag, I chose this gold glitter clutch. Obviously, the gold matches with the dress and the hair pins. Generally, a clutch is a safe option when it comes to a bag for prom, and this glittery one just adds a bit more sparkle! Of course, this could be toned down by using a plain white, nude, pink or maybe black bag; Perhaps you may choose to not take a bag at all! This one is £12 and available here!

Personally, I wouldn’t wear a necklace or any bracelets with this outfit, so I haven’t included any in this post. I hope this has maybe helped some of you with ideas for prom outfits, and made you realise that you don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look amazing at prom!

What do you think of this outfit? Have you considered buying your Prom outfit online? Let’s start a conversation in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Prom Outfit for Less than £60! // BEDM Day 22

  1. Such a beaut dress! I completely agree that flats are the way forward haha, I hated wearing heels for my prom, it’s just not worth the pain when really you just wanna have fun xx

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  2. I really like this outfit, it’s a similar colour scheme to what my sister is doing this year for her prom. I bought my prom dress in a store and ended up regretting what I had chosen but when shopping for a ball dress this year I found so many lovely ones online – and so well.

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

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    1. Thank you! I felt the same about my own Prom dress, I bought it from a store and the closer I got to Prom, the more I disliked it! I’m ok about it now, but if I got the chance again, I would definitely look elsewhere! xx


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