Being awkward

I think that awkward may be the perfect word to describe me.

1. causing difficulty; hard to do or deal with.
2. causing or feeling uneasy embarrassment or inconvenience.
In many ways, I am awkward. First of all, when I was young I had problems with my feet. I’m not quite sure what exactly was wrong but my feet were turned inwards, and this caused problems when I walked (this was a long time ago, and I can’t really remember much about it). Everything is ok now though, my feet no longer point inwards. However, I do have wide feet! Because of this, I struggle with new shoes. I am very prone to getting blisters and discomfort from shoes, which means I have to be really particular about what shoes I buy.

I am a really fussy eater. I recently took a BuzzFeed quiz that you can read here (Am I a Picky Eater? // BEDM Day 15). My eating habits really do cause a lot of inconvenience. There are so many meals that I have to have different from my family. For example, if they have Spaghetti Bolognese, I just have spaghetti. But its even worse when we go out. “Hello, yes.. please can I have the classic cheese burger, but without the salad and the sauce… yes, I’ll have chips…can I switch the peas for baked beans?.. and no coleslaw!” (they’ll always still bring coleslaw!) This causes embarrassment for me, because I get scared of returning the dish if my order is wrong, especially since I’ve caused a lot of inconvenience for the staff to prepare it in the first place.

Also, I’m really socially awkward, and I find it really hard to be around new people. It takes me so long to be comfortable with people, and I get scared of saying/doing the wrong things. What if I make a joke that offends them? Even with my friends, I find it hard to talk. Unless, I am really passionate about the topic of conversation, I struggle to find something to say or how to express my ideas. Which is weird, because whenever I write a blog post, my ideas just flood onto the screen, and I don’t really care about the opinions of others because this is my place to say and do what I want and what makes me happy!

Do you think that you are an awkward person? Or if you have had a similar experience to me, please do talk about it in the comments.



3 thoughts on “Being awkward

  1. I’m really awkward too! I find it so hard speaking in front of groups of people and when I have to read in front of my class it’s very embarrassing


  2. I’m really awkward, but I’ve accepted myself as such. It’s so much easier on me to be exactly who I am. I’m a very particular and quiet person, and people who are close to me know and accept me as I am. It’s great 🙂

    Ashlynn |


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