Recent Favourites | July 2017

These are some of the things I have been loving for a while now, and I’d like to share them with you. I’d like to make this into a bit of a series, maybe every two to three months. Let me know if this is interesting to you!


maybelline-color-show-nail-polish-lilac-wine-21-7ml-p17869-77402_zoomI love this polish so much! I’ve been wearing it a lot lately as it is such a lovely colour that is perfect for this time of year. I’d definitely recommend it!

  • Nicky Clarke Butterfly Hair Curlers

Hair curlersI have been using my hair curlers so much recently. I’ve had this curlers for a while, and unfortunately I can’t find anywhere that sells them online. They curl my hair really well, and look so pretty too!

TV Shows

  • The Last Leg

Last legI’m a big fan of comedy shows, they just make me feel really happy. I actually started to get into The Last Leg when I watched some of the shorter clips on YouTube. Now, I watch it every week and I love it!

  • Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids

SYTTDI’ve been watching a lot of the Say YES to the Dress programmes recently, but my favourite, by far, is the Bridesmaids edition. I love weddings, and I also like drama. So it’s literally the perfect show for me!


  • Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwiches

This is making me so hungry! I have been out for a lot of meals with friends and family lately, and each time I’ve had a Ham and Cheese toastie with some fries, and oh my goodness, I’ve become obsessed!


This is a great series that I found for learners of French! Some parts are a bit cringy, but it really helps to learn the language, as it points at mistakes. It’s like a sitcom, and I believe it is also available in other languages!

I hate spending money, and love bargain stores such as Poundland and Home Bargains. Recently I found Holly’s channel, where she goes around stores and finds bargains, and also does couponing! I have easily become obsessed with her content, and she’s such a lovely person as well!

I really hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know if you also like these things as well! Hopefully, I will be writing another one of these posts soon!

Sign off

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