Being Left Handed

So apparently today is International Left Handers Day, and as a left hander myself, I’d like to share a few of my ‘left hand experiences’ with you.

  1. Being the only person in class who was given special scissors. The weird thing about this is that I can’t actually use left-handed scissors, I naturally use my right hand!
  2. Smudging my writing. I hate this so much! I’m actually surprised I passed my GCSEs considering the papers were all literally covered in ink smudges! It was even worse in Art, I’d do a drawing and all of the pencil would have smudged as I went along and ruined it completely.
  3. Right Handed friends asking you to paint their nails. Not much to say about this really, but they would never return the favour?
  4. Being asked to try writing with my right hand. It’s as if people think my right hand is completely useless, I can (sort of) hold a pen in my right hand, and could probably write out a message if I was in a crisis situation, but it would just be easier to read if I used my left.
  5. People bringing out the left hander ‘stereotypes’. ‘OMG! You must be so creative!’
  6. People seeing me write with my left hand, and then asking ‘Are you left handed?’ No, I’m just doing it for a laugh! Also, the shock they have, as if left handers are some sort of rare species.

 I’d love to know if any of you are left handed, and have experienced anything similar to this. Or are you a right hander guilty of the last 3?

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3 thoughts on “Being Left Handed

  1. I can relate to this because I’m left handed too, the one about smudging my work is SO true, I could never use pretty colours in fear of smudging it, we had a few lefties in our class and never seemed to have any LH sciccors 🤔😂

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