My Stationery Essentials

Because its that time of year that most of us dread (although, I actually enjoy Back to School because it means its nearly my birthday, Halloween, and Christmas!), I thought I would share my stationery essentials.

Document Wallets

Document Wallets.pngThese are so useful to help me organise my work. This particular set was from Wilko, and only cost £1 for 4! I use these for each of my subjects and also use one to put my homework in.


Highlighter.pngI use highlighters SO much. Again these ones are from Wilko, costing £1 for 10 mini highlighters. I chose these ones because they had more colours than most sets (Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple and Blue), which is so useful to highlight different things on my notes.


PencilsI use pencils when I make rough notes and when I make revision posters. I prefer to use mechanical pencils because they don’t need sharpening and because you can push the lead back in, they don’t make marks in your pencil case. I got a pack of ten from Wilko for £1.


Pens.pngWhen making normal notes in lesson, and writing essays, I prefer to use black ink pens. My favourite are the Bic Round Stic ones, I love them because the ink comes out smoothly, and they seem to last for ages. I got these from Home Bargains for 99p!


Sharpies.pngEvery year I buy some sort of coloured markers/felt tips because I love to use them for my revision posters. However, this year is the first time I’ve actually bought real Sharpies. I always thought that they were really expensive and not worth the money. I bought these ones because they were reduced from £9 to £5 in Wilko.

Fine liners


I always use coloured fine liners to bring a bit of colour to my notes, and when I create mind maps/revision posters. I bought two packs this year (I don’t know why, I think my brain melted). The first was the Stabilo pack of 10 for £2.50 (half price!) from Wilko, and some Bic Intensity ones from Home Bargains (I think they were 99p).


Index Cards

Index cardsIndex cards are great for revision. I love these ones from Wilko as they have a ring that holds them all together (if they didn’t, I’d probably lose them!) These cost £1.50 for 100 cards, and they are lined!

Exercise Books

BooksMy Sixth Form asks us to bring in our own paper to write on. People approach this in different ways, some buy folders and refill pads, but I find the best way is to use exercise books or note books. I got these super cute fruit and floral ones from Wilko for £1 each!

That is all the stationery that I must have for Back to School. I can’t wait to get back to Sixth Form so I can start using it all.

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