Prom Outfit for Less than £60! // BEDM Day 22

I was looking online, and many clothing stores have 'Prom' collections. And a lot of these have a fairly cheap price tag. Recently I made a blog post where I showed you Prom Dresses Under £60!, but today, I am going to show you a whole Prom outfit that I have created for only £58!


#PippasWedding // BEDM Day 21

I love the Royal Family. I feel like this started when I used to spend a lot of time at my Nanny's house, and she always had her royal memorabilia on display; I particularly remember a plate or dish from the wedding of Charles and Diana hanging on the wall in the dining room. Regardless … Continue reading #PippasWedding // BEDM Day 21

Let’s talk: Tattoos // BEDM Day 16

Not everybody likes tattoos, and there is an ongoing debate as to whether or not they should be visible in those you have 'professional' jobs. Personally, I'm not really that bothered by tattoos. Although I do have a specific style that I prefer, and I don't like ALL tattoos (I mean, does anyone?)...